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  Map Gallery and Information

You can use the map browser at http://flatmaps.com to create a custom clickable map that works in conjunction with your script to show the closest matches to the place clicked. The overflow map browser is located here, but should only be used if the primary map browser is running slowly or not available.

The map below was created using a light blue color scheme with locations in the database marked with red squares. The map was intially created 1000 pixels wide, then resized and resampled using PaintShop Pro to its current width of 400 pixels. Each red dot represents at least one museum in the United States. Click on the demo map below to see closest museum matches to any place that you click.

You can place one layer on top of the next when creating your map, or if you have graphic design experience, you can create one layer at a time and combine them in your graphic editor software. You can change the style of the lines, add shading, and rescale the map proportionally, but it is important that you don't rotate or otherwise skew the image or your map may not work properly. Here are sample layers at 1000 pixels wide and different colors:

If the entries of your database are largely regional, you can create a large map and crop it so that it includes only the area of interest, like the following example:

You have a lot of control over how your map looks. The map and script relate using an HTML form like the following, which you can copy and paste into any web page of your choice:

<FORM ACTION="http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/yourscript.pl" METHOD="GET">
<INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="http://yourdomain.com/map.gif" width="600" height="375"

Where http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/yourscript.pl is the URL of your script, http://yourdomain.com/map.gif is the URL of your map, width is the width of your map height is the height of your map. You are able to insert additional search elements into this GET statement, but the must use the same variable names that your regular search HTML snippet uses.

If you have a Search Style B or C script, you can also combine a map search with other search restrictions by simply pasting the searchable fields that you want to work with into the clickable map HTML snippet.
Narrow by Entering Words in the Museum Name (Fire, Art, History, etc)

Or by Selecting a State from the List Below

Click on Map to Activate Search
Further instructions for connecting the map and the script are found in the custom installation instructions that you will get with your script and you can contact me.

Click here to start creating your map.

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