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FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator Comparison Chart

FLATTEXT Zip Code Locators are the least expensive, most flexible, and easiest to install of the major Zip Code Locator services. FLATTEXT is the only Zip Code Locator to offer all of the following. In fact, no other locator offers any of the following:

  • Ability to design, create, and test your own custom scripts using your own data before downloading them.
  • Totally free data updates to stay current with USPS changes.
  • Ability to instantly and easily create maps of the US using any layers and colors of your choice.
  • Totally free, automatic, instant, and easy hosting for any licensed script. (Or, you can download the script and install it on any server that is running Perl 5.0 or greater.)

The chart below shows how FLATTEXT compares in key categories with other online locator programs and services.

Initial Costs
Updates Cost
Server Types
FLATTEXT $60.00 (max) Free All Unix, NT Yes, Free Unlimited, Free
Alpine $5000 $1500 All Unix, NT No 30 Day Free
Yearly, $750
WyeFind $5000, then $500/month Remotely Hosted Remotely Hosted Yes, via link
to external service
for $500
BrightWing $480-$4,541
per year
Remotely Hosted Remotely Hosted Yes Remotely Hosted
WalkerSoft $199 Unknown Requires Windows Server
MS SQL Server 7.0
No Unknown
ZipFinder $750 single,
$2500 multiple
$250 Requires Cold
No Unknown
Zip Find $1495-$4995 $15-$995 Unix, NT No Unknown
Know-Where Unknown Remotely Hosted Remotely Hosted Yes Remotely Hosted

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