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NEW: Click here for a printed or digital Zip Code map of any area in the US?  (These maps are not compatible with your Zip Code Locator Perl script.)

For over three years, the FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator has been one of the most popular, easiest to install, and least expensive of the major Zip code locators on the Internet. The average cost of Zip code locator programs across the Internet is well over $1000.00 for a single license and several hundred dollars per year for data updates (see comparison chart). We license each script for $60.00 at most (the cost can be even less per script if you order a Developer License or order more than one license at a time). All of our locator scripts include unlimited free data updates to stay current with USPS changes.  We are able to offer scripts at this price because we sell thousands of scripts a year and they require minimal support.  In order to use this program on your server, you only need to have access to Perl 5.0 or greater. If your server is not running Perl, we'll be happy to host your Zip code locator on our dedicated hosting server for free.

Full Service

If you would like us to design your Zip code locator, we will be happy to do so. After gathering a little information about what you need, we will quickly contact you and build a script and interface for you. Full service Zip Code Locator scripts cost $300.00 and include the following optional services: quick and secure installation on your server or hosting on our dedicated server, thorough testing, and unlimited support in order to get your locator working properly. You can apply for installment loan online here to get the extra-money fast. Payment is due after your script has been installed and is working to your satisfaction. Your payment is a one time fee and covers all support related to the script.

Clickable Maps Included!

You are able to create your own clickable maps of the United States using our map browser. The mapping interface allows you to create a maps of various sizes, layers, and colors. You can even upload a list of your Zip codes and the map generator will place a mark on the map for each location in your database (see the sample map gallery). You will receive easy instructions with your script about connecting your map and script together.

Compatible with Free External Street Mapping Services

Patches to your script can link to free external street level mapping services. While FLATTEXT scripts can work with Yahoo! Maps and MapQuest interfaces, it is important to note that these are external services that are offered for free and are subject to change at the discretion of the corporation offering the service.

Frequently Asked Pre-Sales Questions

Confused about how it all works? Questions about types of licenses?

Help Pages

Everything you need to know for installation troubleshooting, modifying the script, and installing common patches.

Registered Users--Update State Location Data Files

Use the password and user id that are inside your script near the top to download the updated files at your convenience.

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